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Bible QuickNotes are ideal for use in personal Bible study, Sunday school lessons, home Bible studies, and church worship services. I use them in my teaching ministry and I hope they will be of help to you.

Recently Added [as of December 2017]:

"Inverted Parallelism of Ezekiel 20:5–17: Rebellion, Idolatry, and Grace of the Exodus Generation" (Handout)

"Epistle to Philemon: Inverted Parallelism and the Art of Christian Persuasion" (Handout)

"Things That Exist in Heaven and on the New Earth" (Handout)

"List of Future Rewards" (Handout)

"Step Parallelism of Psalm 110" (Handout)

"Inverted Parallelism of Ezekiel 28:11–19" (Handout 2 of 3)

"Inverted Parallelism of the Book of Ezekiel" (Handout 1 of 3)

"Step Parallelism of Psalm 56" (Handout)

"Kindness" (Flier)

"Sarcasm Used as an Offensive Spiritual Weapon" (Handout)

"Replacement—A Powerful and Versatile Offensive Spiritual Weapon in Philippians 4:8" (Handout)

"Art of Spiritual Warfare" (Handout)

"Spiritual Warfare: Your Armor" (PowerPoint, large file 13.6 meg)

"Grace Forevermore or Nevermore" (Handout, large file 10.7 meg)

"Little Scroll of Revelation 10" (Handout)

"Hard Things, Part 2—So You Think It's Easy to Be a Christian?" (Handout)

"Hard Things, Part 1—Who Says the Christian Life Is Easy?" (Handout)

"Hope" (Handout)

"Joyful Attitude" (Handout)

"From Eden to Eden: God's Throne through the Ages" (Handout)

"Inheriting the World in Romans 4:13-16" (Handout)

"Inverted Parallelism of Romans 4" (Handout)

"A Fortiori Argument of Romans 4:3" (Handout)

"Insults and Rebuke" (Overhead)

"The Great Commission" (Handout)

"Book of Hosea: Know the LORD" (Handout)

"The Narrow Way and the Narrow Gate: Matthew 7:13-14" (Handout)

"Gifts from God" (Handout)

"Gifts from Men" (Handout)

"Promise of Rewards for Gentiles in the Millennial and Eternal Kingdoms (Isaiah 56:1–8)" (Handout)

"Bread of Life Discourse: Inverted Parallelism of John 6:22–59" (Handout)

"Truth That Confirms Itself: How to Know and Know You Know" (Handout)

"Understanding: Successfully Integrating and Systematizing Bible Knowledge" (Overhead)

"Understanding: Comes from Accumulating and Integrating Knowledge" (Overhead)

"Hymn of Christ: The Way Up Is Down (Philippians 2:6-11)" (Handout)

"Ministry Models: So You Want to Be in the Ministry" (Handout)

"So You Like Milktoast: How to Fall Short of the Goals of the Christian Way of Life" (8.5" x 14" Handout)

"Four Great Prayers in the Bible" (Handout)

"So You Want to Be a Christian: Goals of the Christian Way of Life" (8.5" x 14" Handout)

"Fifth Seal Judgment Postponed (Revelation 6:9–11)" (Handout)

"Value of Things: Many Blessings Come from Getting Your Priorities Right"

"Lessons from Josiah's Revival (2 Chronicles 34-35)" (Handout)

"Line of Seth" (Chart)

"Receiving Grace" (Handout)

"Step Parallelism of Luke's Infancy Narrative" (Handout)

"First Horseman of the Apocalypse" (Handout)

"Su Plan para Su Vida"

"Raising Children" (13 Handouts filed under "Presentations")

"Sacrifices of Israel - Part 1" (Handout)

"Sacrifices of Israel - Part 2" (Handout)

"Success in Life" (Handout)

"Book of Haggai: Patching the Holes in Your Pockets" (Handout)

"Title Deed to the Earth: Revelation 4-5" (Handout)

"Inclusio of Earth History: From Earth to the New Earth" (Handout)

"Giving and the Gift of Giving" (Flier)

"Anger Management" (Handout)

"The Spirit-Filled Life: How the Christian Life Works" (65 Page Booklet)

"Levels of Testing: Tests of Obedience, Faith, Faithfulness, and Love" (Handout)

"Lessons on Spiritual Warfare from Matthew 23"

"God's Plan for the World" (Chart)

"Eternal Kingdom: Life on the New Earth Forever" (Handout)

"Your Plan for Your Life" (Chart)

"Three Priesthoods of Earth History" (Chart)

"Racism" (Handout)

"God's Plan for Jesus' Life" (Chart)

"Romans 1-2: Paul's Argument with Relations between Larger Semantic Units"

"Principles of Faith" (Flier)

"Weapons of Our Warfare: 2 Corinthians 10:1-6" (Handout)

"Faith-Doubts Cycle" (Handout)

"How to Claim Promises and Share God's Nature" (Flier)

"Better than Gold: What's Really Valuable in Life" (Handout)

"Bank Account in Heaven" (Flier)

"Crowns and Diadems" (Flier)

"Crowns and Diadems" (Handout)

"Inheritance of Israel" (Handout)

"Inheritance of the Church" (Handout)

"Glory" (Flier)

"Glorification" (Flier)

"Overcoming Strongholds in Spiritual Warfare" (Handout)

"Delegated Authority at the Great White Throne Judgment (Revelation 3:9)" (Handout)

"Worldwide Testing and the Swine Flu (Revelation 3:10)" (Flier)

"Definition of Biblical Faith" (Handout)

"Faith" (Handout)

"Words for Faith" (Handout)

"Faith and Hearing" (Overhead)

"Walk in the Spirit" (Flier)

"Value of Faith" (Flier)

"Claiming Promises and Sharing God's Nature" (Flier)